Monday, July 2, 2012

One of those moments

Today I had one of those moments I hope to remember forever.

We had company overnight, so Pooka and I went out to do our morning harvest later then we normally do. Pooka walked outside before I did and gasped "Mommy look." She had 3 little white butterflies in her broccoli.

 Now, up until now, we have only really seen wasps pollinating our garden. They aren't getting territorial or aggressive, so the wasps and I kinda agreed to leave each other to their jobs in peace.

So imagine my surprise as we saw 3 butterflies playing in her broccoli and the pablano peppers. Pooka just stood there as I raced for the camera to get a picture. Sadly butterflies don't pose well, but they made Pooka very happy. As we continued our walk, we found 2 more in her tomato plants. Again, they flew off before I could get a picture.

Now, while butterflies are nice, the part I want to remember is Pooka slowly walking up to her broccoli and holding out a finger. She told me she was going to stand super still so the butterfly would land on her finger. She stood there and stood there, quieter and stiller than I have ever seen her. She moved just an inch and it flew away. She would of stood there all day if we didn't have other things to do, but I loved that little look of wonder on her face.

Maybe next year we will raise butterflies to release into her garden. Talk about a great way to teach about ecosystems while doing her science experiments.

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