Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I somehow surprised even myself. It was one of those weird "This is a great idea moments." I get them often, and only about 50% of them are actual good ideas. But yesterday I actually had a good idea. This is the container part of the garden... See if you can spot the surprise. 
Can you find the surprise?

You see I have a magnolia tree in my front yard. It was given to us for our wedding. We have even gone so far as to move the poor thing, and it holds on. Anyway, when it was planted here it tilted a bit. It has been straightening itself out, but this year we decided to give it a bit of a hand and put some stakes in to hold it.

My job yesterday was to replace a broken stake. I had tried the local Lowes, but they didn't have any. So on my way home from running errands, I decided to try the nursery up the street.

Did I mention I had Pooka, Brother and a friend?  They love this nursery since it has a fairly large fairy village and a small pond to show their water plants. So of course a trip to the nursery wasn't a get out of car, find what I need, leave trip.

Nope, we had to go look at the fairy village, and the vegetables, and the pond, and then we walked past the last of their perennials.  They had some nice lavender that was small but would be good next year for when we redo the front yard into an herb garden. Right behind that was a Stargazer lily plant. It hadn't bloomed yet, but I could tell that it was about to.

A flower, I actually wanted a flower. Why would I want a flower you ask? Me, woman of "I better get something out of it" gardening. Well, The Stargazer lily was the main flower at my wedding. Not roses, not silly girl flowers but the wine and white "This is my wedding colors" Stargazer lily.

Surprise Flower

So I bought it. Turns out that it was 50% off which makes buying the plant cheaper then if I bought myself a bouquet of them and this one will come back year after year. 

Pooka had to adorn it with one of her Dragonflies the minute we got home and potted into a new plant. It is one of the 3 plants we have that I can't feed myself off of, but it means something special. It reminds me, this year, after 10 WONDERFUL years of marriage of that day. Just like the Lilacs are a reminder of my grandmother, and the snapdragons of a time when I was young and would help grandma garden year after year and the snap dragons always talked to me that I swear Grandma kept around just for me.

Those 3 flowers will always be welcome around our house. Even if they are just flowers because sometimes the memories will be worth more than food (or at least a bit more sanity).

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