Thursday, July 26, 2012

One little, two little, three little plants

Yesterday I planned out this post, but then my interwebs decided to be weird. They are being a tad flaky still today, but here is to trying.

Tuesday evening before I ran to work, I went outside to grab some more Rosemary to make more of our Garlic Rosemary bug spray.

I walked outside to see our Rosemary plant looked rather sad....
Sad looking Rosemary plant
I don't know if you can tell it in the picture, but about half the plant has been harvested and it is not rebounding as well as I had hoped. Mostly due to the heat around here. It is making alot of things look kinda sad. 

Well since buying a plant costs as much as buying the sad little packs of the herb from the store, I made a quick phone call to the nursery up the street. They said they still had PLENTY of rosemary that was in great shape.

So I grabbed a Pooka and off we went. Turns out they had less mature Rosemary, but they are very healthy and at 50% off, I was willing to grab a couple. (I was thinking of it as buy one get one free). As we are checking out Pooka looks at the cashier and says "We need these for our bugspray." The lady looked really confused and I had to explain what it was. Apparently none of the 3 ladies working had ever heard of it. I said it seemed to be working for us so far and one of the ladies said she would have to try it.

We brought them home but were unable to pot them that night since I did have to go to that whole job thing.

Yesterday afternoon Pooka and I got them potted. They actually went into our new $0.25 pots that were a clearance find from Target. I know they are small, but I am hoping by being able to pick off all of them it will allow rest more.

New additions
Pooka has started calling them her "Baby Rosemary plants". I am shaking my head and going with "This is nothing like a horror novel, so long as it keeps the bugs at bay" I am pretty sure if Pooka goes outside and loses all her plants to bug, I may feel like I am in a horror movie with the amount of screaming and crying. 

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