Monday, July 16, 2012

Jammin time

Pooka can add a new thing to her "Things I did this summer list". This morning Daddy, Pooka and I made Strawberry Jam. The recipe said it would make 8 half pint jars, we came in at 10 and a half.

We had a friend give us a big container of strawberries and then there are a few from our plants and a half a container from the strawberries. We knew we would never eat them all before they went bad,  so we decided to make Jam. 
Strawberries awaiting their fate. 

Pooka starts mashing the strawberries
Daddy took the stems off, while I got the equipment together. Pooka got to mash the strawberries. She had a blast getting to smash them all.

Boil, boil, toil and trouble...
Then we cooked them. Auntie (My adopted sister) Steph gave me a recipe book for canning over the weekend and some pectin. She is a wonderful woman who is so glad that Pooka is learning these things.  Anyway, the Jam recipe came from Auntie Steph's book, it was Sugar, lemon juice, pectin and strawberries. This is it boiling. 

It looks like Jam
After we filled the jars, we came out with 10 jars and a half a jar. The half a jar only made it long enough to cool (and it had jelled some) before Daddy cracked it open and we all had slightly warm jelly on bread. Even Brother was impressed.  We processed the jars for 10 minutes (per directions) and here they are cooling. It looks like jam. 

 As Daddy likes to say is it looks good, now the test is waiting a few weeks to crack one and hope its not furry. Thanks for the vote of confidence Daddy.  But he's right. Now to wait and see if it tastes better in a few weeks. 

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