Thursday, June 7, 2012


So does anyone know a child-friendly bug killer? It seems something has decided the green peppers and sweet peppers are yummy and it is becoming a problem. I have tried the last day or so a soap and water solution but I kinda took a swag at it and I am not sure if it will help them or not.  Any ideas??
The plant on the bottom is my "I can't believe that plant is still alive?" plant. It's a sweet pepper that as a seedling someone watered too vigorously and it wouldn't stand up.  I transplanted it anyway (Figuring worst case it is fertilizer) and what do you know, it started to stand up again, but that's when whatever is attacking the plants got to it. Now it looks really sad. Even if I don't get a single pepper off that plant, but it lives till the end of the summer, I will be amazed. 

But seriously, anyone got a good idea to deal with the bugs? I am trying to stay away from chemical pesticides, but if that is what it takes to get those peppers a break, I will do it. 

Thanks and hope someone has an idea. 

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