Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The first Strawberry

Today Pooka got to take her first true strawberry (aka one she had grown and not one from the plant before we bought it).  Pooka took the picture. It actually turned out to be 2 of them that had grown together. So Pooka gave me half and she had half.

Later this morning we found one that will be ripe in a day or two. Looks like we are going to be having strawberries in the near future. 

If only you could of seen Pooka's face as she ran out there in her little nightgown. She is so excited to finally start seeing the food she is growing, and to smell and taste it. Because everything out there she is smelling daily and she has to taste the leaves of the herbs. 

Our dear Sister S also informed us the other day when she was here that had I pinched off some of the flowers I would get bigger strawberries. Another thing to note for the future. You only learn by trying and remembering to write down your results (that's the hard part). 

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