Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2 more additions

So after going to the store to buy a tiny package of rosemary to make a pest repellent, I remembered why I hate buying herbs at the store. For what I paid for that overpriced little pouch, I could of gotten at least seeds, if not the plant.

Fast forward to this morning and my decision that IF this works, and even if it didn't, I refused to buy more rosemary at the store. So I packed up the kids and off to Lowe's we went. We needed stakes for the tomatoes and a few other odds and ends, but a cute little Purple Basil jumped out at us and into the cart. It didn't help that one of Pooka's favorite colors is purple and that she really wanted to try a new food. (The trying new foods I really don't want to discourage since she will try ANYTHING).
Can you guess which is the basil? 

Now we have Rosemary and a second Basil plant. I am wondering how much the flavor is different in the purple. I suppose I should be more like a Pooka and just try it.

Tomorrow I will try to get the pictures up of my afternoon's work. Custom made tomato containment that is functional if not pretty and news on how the tomatoes are fairing.

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