Friday, June 8, 2012

Well its been a busy couple of days here.

First off, our gardening book arrived. I have read about half of it and while it has some info in it that I already knew, it is giving me ideas. Some might argue that me with ideas is a bad thing, or that it is entertaining. However, the best part is the minute I brought it in from the porch and Pooka saw it was a book on gardening, she grabbed it and ran off to read it. Now while she still can't read (but we are working on that) she loved looking at the pictures. As it stands, Pooka has looked at it numerous times and had me read different passages to her about things like. "Mommy, what does it say about Pablano plants or tomatoes."  So its a good thing for both of us.

Today we started some lettuce. I know its late to be starting that, I am hoping I can get something out of them since I read I could possibly have lettuce in 3 weeks (yes, this is something I got from the book). I am really hoping for that since I eat a ton of salads with my work schedule and it would be a nice change. Otherwise I will hope they make it to fall and try again. I think this might be one to cross our fingers on.

A funny thing happened the other day as we went out to buy a wedding present for some good friends of ours. While we were at Kohl's, I noticed they had some little end tables for patio sets on clearance. Being that I have a hard time not checking out a clearance area. I went over and found a nice slate tiled top table that wasn't priced. I asked someone (turns out it was the manager) and she said "Well, even if its not officially marked down, I will give it to you at 60% off." Uh, okay. So now the new strawberry plant has a "plant stand" that can double as a table when all our family is visiting and we need the horizontal surface.  I liked that table so much I may go get another and call it a match set. *smirk*

One huge suprise yesterday was OUR CELERY is growing. I put it in the ground on about 4 days ago and it's already got a nice little set of leaves going. Who knew. I so thought it would end up fertilizer.  (It's a bad picture since it's a vertical picture and I can't seem to figure out how to flip it).  Now to wonder how long till we can harvest the thing.

This morning we also noticed our Chives are sprouting. So Pooka is all excited. She has to taste everything and wanted to know when she could  taste the chives. I told her to let them get a bit bigger first. 

Last time I promised some quick pictures of the raised beds.  They aren't much, but the lattice work is for the climbers and then the bed itself is made out of wood from our old deck. We replaced it about 2 years ago now, and the old decking was in good shape, so saved it (because we just couldn't throw away good project wood) and it's become a good home for the plants.

The side with the pepper plants (Note I took these pictures at like 9 in the morning. By 10:30 almost everything is in the sun for the rest of the day.)

The tomatoes and the cucumbers. And I am aware I planted all this too close together. It had to do with the pots I left them in between the seed starter and putting them in the ground. They seem to be growing fine and all have tons of flowers. Good thing I plant in miracle grow. 

 Oh and yes you may see little sparkly dragonflies and butterflies. I originally let Pooka pick out a few to let her be creative with the garden and have some fun with it. Since then, I realized the metallic coloring and the fact that they move a bit and flap when its windy is keeping birds and critters out the garden. So she was allowed to pick up some more and she gets to go out there every couple of days and rearrange them "so I can tweak the birds." (Her words, not mine). 
Last but not least our broccolli and Pablano plants. This little bed is under a window and next to the house. I have since learned I need to watch it because even if it rains the overhang from the house may prevent the bed from getting much of water.

Please remember all, I am still learning so some of this is a giant swag to me as well so advice is appreciated. And thank you to all our friends who gave me some advice on how to save the poor pepper plants.

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