Thursday, June 21, 2012


So that may seem a bit exaggerated, but lets be honest. These are the 2 plants in the entire garden that are MINE. Not Pooka's, Mine. You see my dear friend/Adopted sister Steph helped me get these lilac bushes from my Grandmothers. They are from her bushes, bushes that I remember getting in trouble for playing hid and seek without telling anyone (but that's a different story and a whole different train of thought). Long and short of it is, they mean the world to me, and I have always dreamed of having some.

So in April, Steph was wonderful enough to go with me to collect my own lilacs (even tho she was up here for something else, but she still lives 4 hours away). As you can see, one has done quite well (the one she told me would be fine, it was a good strong one). However the second pot we were afraid it was a bit sketchy. 

Well the second pot looked dead until about a month ago I saw that little faint green in the back. Then today, I walked past my lilacs to check Pooka's plants and low and behold there was NEW GROWTH on the plant I was sure I was going to just have to sacrifice to the lilac gods.  It's not much, and it may not be the strongest little thing, but it's alive.  And I have a Steph to thank for it being there, since this is my 4th time trying to bring home lilacs and the first time they have survived this long. 

Eventually, these poor things will go in my front yard, but Steph told me it might be best if they spend the summer in miracle grow and then transplant after the epsom salt (That we used to remove the other bushes in place) has cleared out of the soil.

So thank you so much Steph. I love you and I owe you a million. How about I come do some work or something at your house so long as it doesn't involve me touching your garden? (since we both know I may kill it if I do).

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