Monday, June 25, 2012

One day I will learn....

...that after about Father's day to stop letting Pooka go look at plants at Lowe's, or a nursery, or well anywhere. Especially after she makes a decent argument about how we need something. In this case, it was Dill. She wanted dill so we could make dill pickles. Oh and then I remembered I use dill in my garlic herb bread, and then I thought about the other places we use dill, and while Daddy looked at us funny and brother complained that he just wanted to go home (in brother's defense, he had just finished a baseball game, on the tail end of a super busy weekend where bedtime never happened).  We went to Lowe's, and bought a register vent, some blue tape for the kids to make spider webs with and a dill plant, and a container for the dill plant (since I am kinda running out of pots).  So welcome to the party Mr. Dill. We hope you like your new home between Ms. Oregano and the Cilantro clan. Oh and don't mind Ms. Flossweed, shes a quiet one.

In other news, we realized that my supposed chives pot doesn't have chives in it. We don't know what it is, however, 3 sad little chive seedlings have popped out to say Hi. Now we need to decide what we should do with them. Do I try and weed the other seedlings out of that pot, do I just say forget it and go buy chives (and risk another nursery run), or do I just let science take it's course and wonder? It will probably be let science take its course and pull the non chive things as they get bigger.

The one thing I realized today, no yesterday, it was one of those days that ends in y, I need to get out there to weed and stake up the cherry tomatoes and put another set or 2 of supports on the big tomatoes. Maybe I will get that done today, or maybe tomorrow. First I need to see how many stakes I have left to build with. That may be the limiting factor.  Well, besides the fact that they are too big and a bit too close for traditional cages. which means more experiments for all of us in engineering. (And Pooka has said before "I'm smart, I'm an engineer." Granted she turned a shoe string, a door knob and a trash can into a ballista, but that's another story and topic entirely).

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