Thursday, June 28, 2012

The paradox of me and gardening

I have finally hit that point. I am tired of the garden. I am tired of the waiting and the hoping and the "Did I water it? Did I not? What did I do wrong? When will I get something from the darn thing." This is when I get fed up and go "You know what, I am tired of waiting. Give me some instant gratification, now." while picturing beating the plants one by one.

Oh come on, tell me you have never visualize beating on the plants before.... Oh, you haven't... Forget I said that okay?

This is the reason I get fed up, that I get tired and stop caring for it. The waiting and the work for no real reward. Now Pooka, she still adores it (partially by having Mommy do all the boring work). She's out there having fun, picking a few strawberries, being amazed that her tomato plants are bigger than she is. Most of the strawberries are being eaten by Pooka, her brother and E (Pooka's friend).

I know what your saying, We have gotten a few cucumbers already, and strawberries, and like 3 green beans. So you have gotten something. And it is still early. Things don't appear over night. But right now, I want those nice big tomatoes I have been waiting for, I am still searching for the beginnings of a pepper on the pepper plants.

Do I think I did something wrong? Nope. Am I tired of waiting? OF COURSE. And I know the wait will be worth it, but this is the point where I get frustrated.

However, today I found a way past this. This afternoon, I decided to go get some lettuce for my lunch at work. I walked out there with a trusty pair of scissors, a bowl and  Pooka. We harvested the tops of some of the lettuce. (It shouldn't kill it). It's still young and while it wasn't enough for an entire salad, it was SOMETHING, (besides the strawberries the girls ate). I know by the time fall comes, I will be making ENTIRE salads out of the garden, but today, I was ready to eat something we grew. And today I will be.

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