Friday, April 26, 2013

Leaf veggies are finally stared

Monday seemed to have been planting day around here. Since we had family over the weekend, we were kinda behind on the garden. Enter a Mommy ready to start getting a payout from the garden. The easiest way to do this is to get my lettuce and spinach going.

Last year when I was fed up with the garden, it was so nice to be able to walk outside and at least come in with a salad. I know that time will be coming, so I wanted to get ours going.

I pulled out the planter boxes I used last year for the lettuce, but emptied the dirt from them last fall. This meant they needed new coffee filters. I forgot to get pictures of the pot with filters in it, so just pretend they are there.
Ready for action
Then Pooka got to add the dirt. Some of the dirt was recycled from the failed radish pots. We made sure to set the dirt out all winter to hopefully kill off anything that might of laid eggs in it. I am also making sure to put something of a different family in it just in case.  We then added some new potting soil on top to make sure it has plenty of food for our lettuce.

Dirt for a Pooka to play in
The last step was for Pooka to sprinkle her seeds. We planted some surprise Spinach from Aunt B. Pooka loves getting seeds from people. It made her whole weekend when Aunt B showed up with seeds. We also planted 4 types of lettuce and one other type of salad spinach.

Seeds, seeds seeds.
Pooka did learn this time to not just throw them in there, but rather to sprinkle them like she would decorate a cake. It should help so that not everything is growing in one spot. In a month, I am hoping to get salads from the back yard. Cross your fingers. This whole salad bar may save me many a long day of "why do I do this?"

Seeds added, now we wait.

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