Monday, April 29, 2013


I wish you had seen us this time last year. We had correctly hardened off the seedlings (even if we didn't know what we were doing). We had everything going the way we had hoped. But I guess this is the rub of gardening. Life can happen.

In a way, let me preface this that maybe posts written in the middle of the night are not the best thing, but I feel like I owe you all an apology, as well as Pooka. This year, life has beat me up pretty hard with things I cannot change. Things that I have hidden from even Pooka since I don't want her or Brother worried, but it is draining on me. As a result, the garden in some ways is becoming an afterthought.

When I started this blog, I refused to let it become one of those Emo "My life is so hard, No one understands, pity party things." If you know me, I hate those. I like to keep our business private, but I feel like today I need to apologise. Do not do some of what I have been doing. Do not just throw seedlings outside to get them there. I am sorry I am not showing a better way. Give them correct ablity to acclimate to the world. Like children, you should teach them to handle it, rather then throw them to the wolves.

This year, I have not done that due to things outside this garden. A garden that in some ways makes me more overwhelmed since we took on so much when there is more going on. This weekend was suppose to be a gardening weekend, or even just Monday perhaps, but sadly, other things have come up, and nothing was done. So here is to hoping I can get something done on Monday and on Wednesday I will hopefully get more done.

I am not going to post this in the middle of the night like when I wrote it. Instead, I am going to leave it till the light of day to read it again and know that this is what I want to post to the whole world. If only we could do that when we speak as well.  Just know I wish you had seen us last year and that I am sorry that I do know better, but I have allowed life to get in the way of how to do this better. Let us all hope it doesn't kill everything while I continue to juggle.

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