Friday, April 5, 2013

Time to start getting plants outside.

On Monday, I was getting slightly concerned that our pea plants were not doing as well as I would of liked. They were starting to look a bit sad. The only thing I was able to think of is that pea plants produce nitrogen (which is why they make a great rotator plant). I had been silly and planted our pea plants in potting soil that has nitrogen in it. This was a case of me not thinking real clearly and I was afraid they were dying from nitrogen overdose.

I decided Monday to hedge my bets a bit and Pooka and I had to go out to the store anyway, so we picked up some sugar snap pea seeds. We planted our seeds in the bed Monday. Turns out, after I did some reading that pea plants can handle temps being 20 degrees or warmer. (I have since learned to research a bit better before I go throwing seeds in things. At least till tomorrow).

Pea seeds have been planted.
So the pea seeds Pooka and I threw in the ground Monday and watered. It was nice to be able to work in the actual beds even if it was a bit muddy.

On Wednesday I decided to move the pea plants themselves outside. It was so nice to empty a pot for once. While digging our holes, we found a few worms. Pooka asked that I be very careful because she didn't want the worm to get hurt because he is good for our soil. She even went as far to say "Thank you Mr. Worm for all your work in my garden." She even asked if I could make sure I put the worms back into the ground gingerly so they would be safe.
Hello wormy.
After protecting Pooka's wormy friends, we put the pea plants in the dirt. They did look sad and I am not at all sure they will make it. I took a bit of insurance and put a few pea seeds in the hole with them. Now to wait and see what happens. Pooka really likes eating sugar snap peas so I hope she at least gets a good snack out of them.
Everything in the ground

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