Monday, April 8, 2013


Spring is offically here. While we were outside this weekend, we saw signs of life everywhere.

Peek a boo Garlic
Pooka's garlic is sprouting everywhere. We were slightly worried about the garlic finding its way out of the mulch, but it looks like we didn't need to worry. They have not all sprouted above the mulch, but a good number have and more since I took this picture Sunday. The rain last night helped.

Our tree
This is a picture of the magnolia tree Daddy and I recieved as a wedding gift almost 11 years ago. It is a bit small, but seeing as how it got moved between houses, its doing really well this year. It is finally taller then Daddy. It has flowers ready to bloom any day.
The bigger lilac
This is one of my grandmother's lilacs. It seems to have loved the winter and is very happy in its pot. We are even thinking of putting it in the ground. The littler one isn't doing as well, but I am just happy that ONE of them seems to want to live. Thank you Aunt Pooka for the help getting this for me.
The caterpillars
Even Pooka's caterpillars seem to have grown and are enjoying the warmer weather. They are still living on the counter or on the plant table in their little cup, but we can all tell they have grown and are getting huge. I am wondering how much bigger they need to get before they start getting into their sleeping bags.

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