Friday, April 19, 2013

Math and Gardening and Brother

Sunday afternoon, even with all the people we had here, stuff still needed done. We decided on Brother's day to start Brother's blue potatoes. I also decided our potatoes were more then ready to go in the ground.
I think the potatoes have eyes
First we used the potato planter bag from Walmart. It was a bit smaller then I expected (but again, I have zero spacial relation ability). I pulled it from the bag and actually read the directions.
Potato bag complete with access panel for harvesting
It turns out, you are suppose to roll the bag down to about 12 inches tall. Yes, this meant I had to get a tape measure. Brother got to do the measuring which helps since he needs a bit of help with his spacial relations and measuring (sadly, he got this from me).
Finding the correct height
From there we needed to fill the bag 2/3rds full. Since Brother has been working on fractions at school, I made him do the math. He got the 8" correct and helped me pour the dirt and measure our height.
Using Math to fill with dirt
Then we had to dig a hole halfway down in the dirt. Again, I looked at Brother who has been doing fractions at school and he got the magic 4" right. He jumped right in and got his hands dirty. He had to be precise and measured the hole as well.
Brother and his hole, kinda
Next we placed the potato in the hole. Turns out the eyes need facing up. I did not cut the potatoes since I can fit 3-4 to a bag and I already had 6 potatoes. I couldn't see the point in needing another bag. The nice blue eyes went faced the surface and we covered them with dirt.

Time to grow little guy.
We covered all the potatoes with dirt and watered them throughly that day. I left them outside for a day or 2 but we are having pretty severe storms this week, so we brought them in. I did water them today since I read up on potatoes last night and oops, they need watered almost daily to produce well. Oops... good to know. Now to watch for sprouts and see what happens. Any tips on growing potatoes?

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