Thursday, April 11, 2013

Nighty Nighty Butterflies

Well, Pooka's caterpillars have been very busy. Pooka recieved a butterfly habitat for Christmas and her friends have been very busy. They came to us very small and grew.

They Grew
Well, on Monday night I noticed one had gotten very comfortable looking. I made sure to get a picture in case he was all wrapped up by Tuesday morning since Pooka was already in bed.

One Tired caterpillar.
By Tuesday afternoon they were all getting ready to form a chrysalis. The one closest to the camera (that is a tad blurry) had already started to form it's "sleeping bag" as Pooka calls it. I will say we have one "runt" as Daddy calls it. He has been very tiny the whole time and shows no sign of going to get comfy.

Nighty night little guys
By Wednesday morning, I think the cat's had decided to say hi. Most of the chrysalis had fallen down into the food. I don't think that was suppose to happen, I guess I get to try to pick them out of the bottom to put in the actual habitat. Pooka told all her little friends good night this morning. Goodnight little guys. Now if you excuse me, I need to go find the directions on what to do if they don't stay on the lid like they are suppose to.

Sweet dreams... and be butterflies soon.

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