Thursday, April 4, 2013

Potato, Potato

A day or 2 before Easter, we were at Walmart, and Brother noticed the potato growing bags. Out of nowhere he asked if we could grow blue potatoes. We talked about it briefly last fall and part of the winter, but Daddy and I had made a decision awhile ago that we were starting to feel overwhelmed, and did we really want to add another plant.
A bag for growing potatoes
If it had been Pooka asking, we would of just brushed over it, and move on. But this is Brother, who doesn't garden. Who I don't think cares what goes on out there. Brother asked specifically for his blue potato. A potato we asked if he would eat it (since he doesn't always like potatoes unless they are made into fries). He said he would. He was even thinking of making it into mashed potatoes.

Daddy and I thought about it, we talked about it. Multiple days later, Brother was still asking about blue potatoes. We gave in. I went to the nursery today and got 6 Adirondack Blue seed potatoes. Once I got home and read the bag I bought at Walmart today, apparently 6 is twice what we need for one bag. However, they only sold them in 6 packs, so you go with what you got.
Brother's blue potatoes
Pooka is trying to argue that they are actually purple, but I told her to not say that to Brother (who was in school when I bought the box). These are for him, so we will call them blue.

When I picked Brother up from school, we were walking towards home, and still on school property and he stopped dead in his tracks, got this HUGE smile on his face and said "THANK THANK YOU MOM, You are the best mom ever." He then about knocked me over when he went to hug me. Yep, thats why I do this. I told him flat out that this means he has to take care of them, so once we got home, we read the directions on what we need to do to grow them.

Potatoes ready to sit in the sun and grow some more.
It says the first step is to leave the potatoes in a sunny spot (since I have so many of those left) to induce sprouting. Considering they came out of the bag already sprouted, I can say we are good there. Brother got to put them all in the tins. We did lose a root or 2 getting it out of the bag, but for the most part he was super gentle. I wanted to make sure the potatoes didn't get lost, so we put them in the muffin tin that use to hold grow ums.
Wanted: Sunny window space.
I managed to find a bit of space by using a shelf divider to hold some plants on top of the potatoes. but space continues to be at a premium. Anyone got a window or 4 I can borrow?

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