Friday, April 12, 2013

Mystery Plant

Even when you start with seeds, you can still some times come up with a mystery plant. Take this little guy for example.

Hello mystery plant
The seedling starter he is attached to (I am not going to say in, because when I picked it up, he was woven into the bottom edge of the pellet) is labeled as a carrot, and the seeds in it appear to be carrot seeds. However, this little guy is certainly not a carrot seed.
Not a carrot
I showed it to Pooka who honestly didn't care what it was, to her it was a plant and she was just happy it was alive. I will admit, we have had a small *cough not so small cough* issue with gnats this year. Fortunatly their only victims have been the green beans and the sunflowers all which are very easy to restart.

Back to the point, this little guy, I have no idea what he is. It could be a pepper (my guess, but I don't know if will be a hot or sweet one). I know it had to come from the growums which limits to a degree what it could be, but not by much.

What is a Pooka and her mom to do with a mystery plant? Why transplant it of course. I had a giant coffee cup that was broken in the course of dishes. Things fall and while I wasn't too attached to that cup, with just the handle broken off, I couldn't throw it away. Not when I need pots so badly. So it got some dirt thrown in it and our mystery plant potted and Bam... now its a pot. It is not the prettiest of things, but it is a use that makes Pooka's reusing habit happy.

Broken cup turns into a pot
I know this plant will need transplanted at least one more time if not two. But for now, its in dirt and can have a happy life. So long a we don't drown it becuase I just now realized I forgot to put a hole in the bottom. Ooops....
Mystery plant in a cup

Pooka not only got to plant this, but she asked very nicely if she could write the question mark at the end of "Mystery". She has been working very hard on making sure her handwriting is good for school next year.
Pooka writing her ?
Now to let it grow and see what comes from it.. I am really kinda hoping it is a pepper. We could use some more.

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