Monday, April 22, 2013

One small problem solved

It is fairly well known with as long as this spring is taking to get here, we are having a minor space issue, okay a major space issue. It is very hard to live in a kitchen space and let a dog out when you have 2 kitchen tables in your kitchen and along the back door. One for eating/homework/daily life and the other holding plants.
The plants are taking over.
Well, the other day at Target, I managed to find something on clearance that has helped solve a bit of the issue. Clearance is my friend. If they happen to have more next time I go, I am going to grab another one.
50% off even. I will take that
Daddy and our friend Uncle M got this put together after Brother's party. Now we have more room to let the dog out, and it even holds more plants. Sadly, its been a bit cold outside for the potatoes, so even they had to come in. In the next week or so, I hope to have most things outside during the day.
A tower of plants.

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