Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Apparently plants have names

Over the weekend, we had a company. Our family came into town and Daddy reached into the fridge for a bulb of garlic and found this. A couple of sprouted bulbs.

I guess we aren't eating these.
Not to be dismayed, the idea to plant it was brought up by a couple of people. This made Daddy roll his eyes, but he left it to me and went in search of better garlic. I think he may of said something about having enough garlic, but I am not so sure since we eat so much of it.

Fast forward to Monday, when I walked into the garage and saw the growing bulbs and the little 4" pots I had bought by mistake recently. It took Pooka and I no time at all to separate the cloves and find 5 cloves that were still in good shape to plant.

Wrong size pots
In goes the dirt and the bulbs and next thing you know, I have 5 more cloves of garlic that are probably in too small a pot, but its an experiment if nothing else.  I am really wondering (aside from the size they have to grow) if the garlic from the nursery is different the the garlic from the grocery store. I have read you can use the garlic from either place.

Ready, set, grow. Oh wait, you already are.
The real kicker is that this time Pooka decides she wants to name the plants instead of writing garlic on the sticks. Instead they are named "Green Thumb, Rosebud, Tia, Lucky and Boss." The last three are off a show she has been watching lately called "Pitbulls and Parolees." I think while the show can be kinda scary, it will help her deal with some of the more unfun parts of life soon. As of right now, she wants to be a garden scientist and then rescue huskies when she grows up.

The garlic family
Who knew plants had names? Goodness only knows what she will come up with for the tomatoes.

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