Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Bunny left PLANTS?

Another holiday and more new ways for Pooka to think and learn about science. The Easter Bunny came on Sunday and left Pooka with a bug viewer, a bug house, a Pooka sized wheel barrow ("becuase we need to move mulch around Mommy") and 5 ceramic eggs. Brother even recieved an egg.

Surprise More plants... Just what Daddy wanted.
After some closer inspection from Pooka, we learned the eggs came with seeds inside them. They were set up to grow seeds straight inside these eggs. Pooka was so excited, but we waited until Monday to plant them. Pooka and I were way too worn out Sunday to try.

Seed filled eggs

Monday afternoon Pooka and I sat down and read the directions. Fortunatly, it was easy as knock the top off the egg, water and set in a sunny place. I love easy directions like this. It did say you may need to replant them once they get bigger, but it is a start.
Now missing the top
I will say getting the tops broken off was a bit harder then I originally thought it would be. We did kill one of the eggs in such a way it no longer held its contents and it got dumped into the grow um's muffin pans. Then you get to pull little bits of ceramic out of the egg so the seeds can grow.
Time to clean out the egg.
 Next you water it. It didn't say how much to water it, so it was a bit of a guessing game and it wasn't easy. In retrospect, I should of used a turkey baster instead of a glass. It worked, if a bit messy.
Egg has now been watered
For now, I have the eggs in the muffin tin (the extra egg got put in another tin). The tin of eggs I then put in one of our very full windows. Fortunatly, I had a shelf stander in one, and they fit on the bottom of the shelf which means they are not taking up too much space. But if it means Pooka and Brother get more snapdragons (The yellow eggs), and pansy (purple eggs) and marigolds (the blue eggs) then its worth it. Maybe I will let the 2 of them have one big pot to plant it all in. If we can find space for another pot. But that is an issue for another day.
Now to see if they grow

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