Sunday, March 31, 2013

Trying to involve everyone

Happy Spring everyone.

Yesterday was a busy day partially becuase it was a nice day and partially because we will be spending today with family. One of our trips out including going to Lowes. This is a scary place for Daddy this time of year since Pooka (and I) get a bit excited with the new plants coming in.

Well, I realized earlier this week that Brother's strawberry plant didn't survive the winter. We had 3 of 4 containers of strawberries survive, but his just didn't make it. I honestly felt bad since that was HIS plant in this whole garden.

Skip ahead to us walking into Lowes. I looked at Brother and said "Hey, I meant to tell you your strawberry plant died, sweetie."

He did look rather upset, which I couldn't blame him. Daddy gave me the "Why are you bringing this up now?" look. So I looked at Brother and said "Now, I didn't get a chance to talk to Dad about this, but if you want to get another plant to be YOUR plant, we can do that."

This cheered Brother up, but he had no idea what he wanted to grow. For a bit he wanted to grow more strawberries since he wants us to make him more strawberry syrup (a new homemade favorite that has surpassed storebought syrup in his world), but we decided to look at a plant that would be his. He and I walked the garden area alone, and he found some blueberry bushes that he liked.

Brother's new blueberry bush
I agreed after making sure we could container garden it (I am not ready to put one in the ground) and he picked one out. We also picked out a brand new pot that would be his pot. They didn't have a blue one, but he was happy with a green one.
Brother's new pot with dirt
Later that afternoon, Brother and I got it in it's new home. It fit really well, and hopefully this will provide us with at least a pint of blueberries. If we get that much out of it over the course of the summer, and if it like the strawberries where we get one or 2 a day, thats enough for snacking on.
A happy new little blueberry plant

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