Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Well, its official... I have a problem

I think Pooka and I both need a 12 step program for buying seeds.

It is spring break for half the family around here (Pooka's spring break does not line up with Brother's break) so Pooka and I have had a bit of extra time on our hands. It's been nice being able to get caught up on silly things like dr and vet appointments, transplanting, ect. It has just been nice being home.

On Tuesday, Pooka and I had to go to Walmart. Normally not a place I am likely to get into trouble (mostly due to the fact that I hate that place), however this particular day, I did. We went intially for dirt (we were planning to transplant sunflowers and green beans), and a few other odds and ends. Turns out, the dirt is so wonderfully located next to the seeds.
More seeds... again
I told Pooka no more seeds the instant we saw them. In fact, we walked away to find the dirt we needed, but we had to walk back past the seed display to get the rest of the things we needed. It was then, I had a moment. Call it a moment of insanity, call it a moment of stupidity, call it a moment of weakness, call it a moment of emotional breakdown.. I am not quite sure, but in that moment, I had to make her happy. Especially when Pooka asked for $0.50 red sunflower seeds. It was a whole half a dollar for something she had been asking for awhile about. She even said she would hold onto them for next year. She would put them in the box and wait, but could we just get them now.

Next to it was $0.20 zucchini seeds. Again, not something we wanted to grow originally, but the ones Pooka recieved as a birthday gift in the grow ums still have not sprouted a root or a leaf. Pooka has been watching them daily and worrying what we will do if they don't grow. I swear part of me felt like if I just pony up the 20 cents, maybe I could protect her from the other bigger hurts in the world. Hurts that are coming, and that can't be solved with a simple package of seeds.

New seeds and new seed pots

We walked out of there, with 2 new sets of seeds and some new peat seed starter cups. I was looking at them and Pooka got very wise and said, "Mommy we can save the rest for next year."

I realize that you get what you pay for when it comes to seeds, and I don't expect much from either set, but for $2, I can't get one zucchini for that price. If I get 1 zucchini and 1 sunflower I will consider myself paid back. If we don't get anything from either, well its not like I am out $10 or more.

We came home and spent part of what was suppose to be transplanting time on planting her new seeds. Then I had to find space for them on the ever growing garden tables. I managed to get them all the peat pots in the roaster pans. I did have to remove a snapdragon cup in the process.
Everyone in their new home.
What made this whole scene worth it? The giant smile on Pooka's little face when I told her she could have her red sunflowers and even zucchini, and then later that afternoon once Daddy was home and I had confessed what I did (only to get the "this will be interesting" head roll). Pooka ran up, stood on a chair and hugged me and said "Thank you Mommy, you are the best Mommy ever." She even went as far as to have one leg up in the air. For part of one day, I made a little Pooka happy. I will take that hug and those words over all the money and the plants and the stars in the world. That is the reason we do this, to make her happy. The science, the learning, the food, is all second to giving her one thing that is completly and utterly about making her happy.

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