Saturday, March 30, 2013

Finally one job done.. 800 to go.

The nice weather Thursday evening was too good to ignore. In fact, I had already worked that day and the call of spring got me. Pooka and I both had energy to burn. With Daddy home, we decided to finally tackle one of those small jobs that will make a huge improvement.

As you remember, we replanted the garlic bed due to the garlic having come up over the winter and a fairly large weed problem.
A replanted garlic bed.
Well, being as this is at the front of our house, there were a few reasons we wanted to make it look better. Part of it was that we really didn't want to have to continue to fight the weeds, while we hoped to have to water less this year. Part of us even we wanted it to look nice. Now, if you know Daddy and I, we are not really form over function people, but the front was in really bad shape before we pulled out the bushes.

We decided to mulch the bed and we hoped it would look more "finished" after that.Daddy opened and poured the bags of mulch while Pooka and I used rakes to spread it out. I admit, I forgot to get a picture of it as we were working, but I think the finished product looks a hundred times better.

Now with Mulch.
We did lose a good chunk of our craft stick markers while we were raking the mulch out. Pooka loved being able to go collect them out of the bed. So now we will have to wait and see where the garlic pops up.

Garlic bed, other view and a bit of a Pooka with her little rake
While we were laying the mulch, we did try to be careful while laying it around the existing garlic plants. Hopefully this helps them snap back and we will get a good yield of garlic. Even if we don't the front garlic bed looks alot better. We are talking of next year maybe putting a it more stone work around it to finish it out like the rest of the beds. However, that won't be done till next year. One project down, 800 more to go. Please stay spring, we have alot to do yet. 

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