Saturday, March 2, 2013

Back to waiting

While things here are finally looking more green, at least inside the house, today we had to say goodbye to the flowers on Pooka's amaryllis.
Pooka's flower taken Feb 19th
They were a nice spot of color, especially now when the world has decided to snow for 4 days in a row. It may not all be heavy or accumulating, but I want to know if winter didn't get the memo about it being MARCH. Now that the world is coated in 4+ inches of snow, I could use some color.

Poor really really dead flowers
However, Pooka's flower was done. Pooka wanted to save it to possibly put outside this summer.  I love that girl, but she is taking to this garden thing and doesn't think about making sure she has room to play. I agreed to let her keep her flowers and see what they do. Nothing else, maybe my black thumb will help keep Green Thumb in check. I had to do some reading on what to do next with it, since I know NOTHING about flowers, so off to see my friend google. Google found this article that goes into TONS of detail about the silly plant. It however, told me what to do next.

Snip and done
To the cold garage I went and grabbed my not really pruning shears, but they work. They were actually a gift from my Grandmother and are meant for opening plastic packaging, but I find they work great for gardening as well (and I can generally find them). I cut the flower stem off about 2 inches from the root ball end. This also freed up the bamboo stick that was holding it up. Now to wait and see what happens. Supposedly I can put the thing outside this summer, maybe in the same pot and just let mother nature do her thing. I doubt it will bloom, but who knows. This wouldn't be the first time I was proven wrong.

I still miss the color, but behind one plant, the amaryllis Pooka got from her Great Aunt may actually be doing something. Maybe the color I am missing isn't so far off.  Maybe this next one is red.

6 days growth?? What is in that pellet?
Where am I going to put the bamboo stick now? This little pea plant from the Grow Um's may need some support soon. Considering it only sprouted 6 days ago, it seems to be doing quite well with a tendril that helps it reach 8" tall. I am starting to wonder what they put in those Grow Um's. Pooka and I went out to get potting/garden soil so I can put it SOMEWHERE until the ground thaws enough to put it outside.

Daddy has already begun reminding Pooka that if anything says "Feed me" he is taking a blow torch to the lot of it. He is also telling strangers... I don't think we actually own one, but knowing Daddy that wouldn't stop him.

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