Saturday, February 9, 2013

Return of my black thumb

Try as I might, it looks as if my black thumb may be returning, or maybe it is just that winter is here. I am not entirely sure which.

I know I haven't updated you all on how Pooka's garden has been fairing. Some of the indoor plants are doing... okay. Some, less so.

The indoor plants
These are Pooka's plants that are living next to our sunniest window. They seem to be doing okay most days, but I do try to remember to turn them every few days so they don't arch too much. None of Pooka's flowers from the holidays have bloomed yet. Only one has what looks like it will turn into a bloom. Sadly the one in the red pot lost a leaf after a kid ran into it. The plant was fine, but the leaf cracked and had to be removed.
Inside the root viewers
So far the first root viewer we planted has nothing but white mold growing in it. There are a few TINY sprouts, but they haven't really done much. Pooka is still checking the roots hoping to see something. These may be tried again once its warmer out and we get more sunlight on a regular basis. The second view came from Aunt Stephie for Pooka's birthday. Pooka planted some colored carrots in it, but they have not yet sprouted. Of course, we only planted those less then a week ago, so no surprise it hasn't sprouted yet.
Garlic.. doens't look so good.
The garlic seems to have finally been hurt by the temperature swings. Who knows, it could rebound and be fine, or I may be turning it into fertlizer in the next few weeks as I start preparing beds. The temps here have been rather extreme. One day its in the mid 60s, the next it can be below zero with windchill. As a result, I think the plants, the animals and the humans are all very confused on what season it is.
Sad looking pots
Here is what is still in pots on the back deck. The 2 lavendar plants are still holding on, but look rather sad. I am not sure if its they have too much water from all the rain, or the cold, or what, but they aren't dead yet. I have tipped them over a couple of times, but no water is coming out of the pots.  The little red pot of rosemary I am pretty sure its dead. The pot itself is cracked in half, probably from ice forming in the pot and the rosemary lost all its needles. The snapdragons in the black pot are holding on, but even they have seen better days. They are also the only plant still green besides the Christmas swag that we have yet to take down.

 The Lilacs however seem to be doing the best. The bigger of the 2 plants is doing wonderful and even has new buds on it. I am hoping to transplant these to their new homes this spring. The littler lilacs are doing okay I hope. They seem to be handling things okay. Of all the plants we have, these ar the 2 I cannot replace, and I do not want to lose. Please cross your fingers that they survive.

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