Monday, February 18, 2013

Busy busy busy

Sorry that there hasn't been an update recently. We sure have been busy here, and while busy seems to be our base setting, this last few days have been busier then most between my birthday, Valentines day and some family coming to visit.

I am planning on a more indepth post of a few things, but for now, lets just play catch up with what is going on here. I also got a minor game plan in place for the garden. But I am still trying to figure out how many we need to plant.

First off, Pooka managed to find some clearance herb seeds at Lowes about a week ago. I will get a post up on how we did them and how they are doing now in a few days. At least one set is already sprouting

$3 for the plant kit.. OKay
We also had our first Amaryllis bloom from Christmas. It has captured Pooka's attention and she is very interested in it. I think I may need to stake it up soon. Aunt T was here over the weekend and took some "art kid" shots for me. I admit her picture looks way better then anything I would have been able to do. I will admit that it has been nice to have some color while the outside world tries to decide what season it is.

Aunt T's Art Kid shot
Also on Saturday night, we started some seeds. Pooka was so happy to finally be able to get her hands dirty. We got the grow ums in seed starters.  Pooka got these from her scientific birthday party from Grandma. Now to see how well they grow. I know Pooka is excited to see how many eggplants we get. I may be starting these way early, but the website doesn't say when to start them, just to do so, and I figure I am starting it now, so they may be a tad too early yet.
Time to plant the grow ums

Last but not least, I was finally able to pick up some extra plastic for our table. This meant even while we had family here, I sat down and chatted to them while making our own seed tape. We made tape of the colored carrots and the regular orange carrots Pooka asked us to buy for Brother since he didn't like the colored ones.

Seed Tape for Carrots


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