Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Color and Hope

Today is one of those cold, snowy nasty winter days. Not so nasty that you get the ever fun (and often dreamed about) Snow day but just those days that make you wish you could crawl back into bed with a couple of very warm children and go back to sleep till spring comes. These days are even worse when as a child, your parent seems to work more then they are home, and as a parent, you have to agree.

Today is one of those days. But, you're not here to read about my can't keep warm, that wind chills you in the house, grumpy mood. Nope you are here for the garden, and I thought I would show you how Pooka's holiday flowers are doing. They are doing quite better then I thought they would.

On Saturday Pooka woke up to this, the first bloom on her flower.

The first sign of color.
On Sunday, she awoke to twice as many blooms. That little girl was so excited to see something growing and changing. She decided that Green Thumb must be back from her vacation (or that maybe this was something Mommy couldn't kill)
Twice the color
Today Pooka woke up to a third bloom, and a kinda leaning plant. My sister who was in town over the weekend told me I might want to stake it up since apparently these things like to fall over. May I just say, she was right. You see, I went over to take the pictures for the blog, and well, it was leaning a bit. Okay alot.

So after a bit of thinking and braving the cold garage, I pulled out my trusty plant tape tying stuff and a bamboo stick I had planned to use with Pooka to make some art for the garden. 5 minutes later its looking alot better, if you ignore the brown rod and funny green tie on it. The stick should still work for crafting once the flowers are done.
No one said it had to look good.
While I was tying it up, I noticed something strange. Remember a bit ago when I said I thought my black thumb had returned and killed at least one of Pooka's flowers. Well, I may of been wrong since it seems to have rebounded slightly. It has no leaves, but maybe it will still bloom. It has grown quite a bit in the last few days. Maybe Pooka will still get some nice flowers from it. Maybe I just need to stop giving up on plants. I don't know. But in the end, she will be happy with whatever she gets, and I will maybe get a tad bit more hope that this cold NASTY weather will leave, soon and I can get some veggies in the ground since I am tired of buying them at the store.
I'm not dead yet.....
I hope you have some color around you and it reminds you that this weather will end eventually.

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