Thursday, February 21, 2013

Trying to control seed chaos

If you have ever had kids, or lived with someone that wasn't you, well you know it can be hard to control other people's chaos. I am kinda a type A (The world is ending if something doesn't have a home) person. I will NEVER say my house is clean. I stink at cleaning, but tell me to organize something, find a home for something, find a way to handle something, that I do a bit too well most say.

The reason I say this is that a bit ago, I started freaking out. I think I ran around like Kermit the frog flailing my hands above my head saying "Pooka has seeds, and seeds will be lost, and they are everywhere" Pooka's love of gardening doesn't seem to be going away.... I REFUSE to find seeds everywhere.
Seeds everywhere
The first part, which was easy was finding a place to store the seeds and the garden stuff and the general "Where is the seed tape/shears/watering cans?" About mid last summer, the family was at Lowes, and we found a clearance rolling tool chest for like $75 (regular price was almost $250). I could tell you the long story, but in the end, Daddy gave it up to his little girl's gardening stuff so I wouldn't keep leaving/losing things on his workbench.

Well, fast forward a bit and the seed packets were in a ziplock bag. Not the best use of them, but it worked. Then Pooka and I found the clearance dill set. The wooden crate they said to plant it in is the perfect size for seed packets and fits wonderfully in one of the drawers. The crate is also great for pulling it in and out of the house, or the yard, or wherever we need to take the seeds.

The big crate of seeds
Now I went through a few weeks ago and realized that I didn't like this system. I was always afraid I would have seeds rolling everywhere. So I divided the seeds into 3 binder clips. One for flowers, one for herbs and one for vegetables. If I need a certain plant, say Roma Tomatoes, I grab the vegetable clip and I know they will be in there somewhere.

Sorted seeds
There is also 2 baggies in the crate that are labeled. These are our homemade seed tape that I will hopefully get around to telling you all about on another day.

Seed tape ready to go
The nice thing is this whole system is flexible.  Eventually, if Pooka keeps up with this, or if I take over it, we may need more crates, or I can just binder clip the tomatoes together, or the peppers. I always love being able to find what I need, know it will work in the future, and it means I can deal with other means of chaos, like 2 kids and the animals.

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