Sunday, August 26, 2012

Playing in the dirt again

 I have another confession to make. School has started up again around here and as a result, at least the first week or so, its been hard to get into the garden, let alone get posts made. Sorry about that all. I am going to try (now that the first week is over and we are settling into routines) to get posts up about 3 times a week, maybe more. It all depends on the one thing I can't change the number of hours in a day.
A few days before we stumbled into a seed display still (I thought they were all packed up). Pooka and I had talked of doing radishes, but by the time we made that decision, we thought all the seeds were put away. Turns out Meijer's of all places still had all their seeds out. So we grabbed a packet of early radishes and away we went.

Then yestereday Pooka, Brother and I were at Target and I was looking at the clearance. We had noticed a bit before that Target was clearancing out some ready to plant herb crates. Daddy and I had talked about it before and decided if they were under $5 we would pick them up. Turns out, they started knocking them down to under $5. Pooka and I bought one dill crate since our dill has been struggling since it went to flower while we were gone. We figure we can bring it inside after the frost starts.
Once we returned home from our errands, Pooka wanted to go get dirty. I collected our tools and we got to work. We did 2 pots of radishes (And still had some seeds left over we may plant in a week or 2 to start learning to stagger plant). The pots look a bit big, but with my charcoal in the bottom of the pot trick, the pots are pretty easy to move. (Charcoal helps with drainage and keeps the pot lighter).

The dill Pooka decided she wanted in a pot. I was on the fence about the crate since I knew having it in wood with a plastic liner outside may not handle the elements well. The kit came with soil, but we added a bit of mirical grow to it as well. The pot was another Target clearance find. $0.25). The crate Pooka and I decided will go in our garden toolbox (another clearance find) and hold our seed pouches. It will help keep them from sliding around the drawers.

I thought about showing you the pots with just dirt in them. But I am sure by now you know what those look like. Now we wait and see. If nothing else, we eat small (Hopefully) radishes and I got a free crate.

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