Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Garlic Results

If you all will remember, we stuck some garlic in the ground in the first part of June. It had already started to sprout in the fridge and I never expected much from it.

 Well it grew quite well, even survived the drought, but from everything I had read in our gardening books, it said to harvest garlic when it is half dried and falling over, which these were. So we dug them up...

Pooka enjoyed this part since it was more playing in the dirt. And as she said "I Love playing in dirt because it is messy."

And to our surprise....
We had what looked like 2 - 1 clove bulbs. They were actually kinda bulb shaped. Now granted, had I planted them at the correct time, or had I thought even remotely considered putting them in early spring... well I would have better garlic. For now, Pooka's garlic is hanging in the garage to dry.

However, we have started looking into where we will plant garlic come fall. If for no other reason then I want to see if I can get it grow correctly. Pooka was asking when she could plant some more, but I told her we had to wait a bit more before we can.

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