Friday, August 3, 2012

Audrey the Morning glory

Some of you may be wondering why we call the morning glory Audrey. The easiest answer to that question is that it's growing scarily fast. To the point Daddy is pretty sure it is about to say feed me. (If  you don't know about Audrey the plant, watch Little Shop of Horrors. Good movie, but it will make you see plants in a whole new light).

Innocent Morning glory just standing there

The Morning Glory doesn't look too scary here. It is just growing up it's trellis very quietly. It looks like just another plant. Until you get up close...
 It could probably eat a Pooka if she stood still long enough
That is how many vines are around the OUTSIDE of the trellis. The inside and the top are denser. I have actually spent alot of time training Audrey to climb up one side of the trellis and down the other and back up. I don't want to think of the number of hours I have spent on this. I would get you a picture of the top, but I can't get a good one in focus. But take it from me. It is super dense. I have promised to have another one next year, but I will be building a bigger trellis and it will still live in a pot. I do not need it going wild in the yard.


  1. If you want something that doesnt vine and isnt super invasive like morning glory have a look at Convolvulus bush form..

  2. Ooh, I may look into those for next year. Thanks dear