Friday, August 17, 2012

Long day

I had planned to spend today working on the garden. Pooka was itching to get her fingers dirty and help me harvest.

Sadly, my job had other ideas. I got called in early and stayed longer then I had hoped. We were still able to get a few things done, we got some herbs harvested to dry (Stay tuned for that on Monday) but Pooka found a surprise when she went to look at the garden.
Baby carrots are starting
Her carrots are sprouting. This discovery turned a tired grumpy Pooka (and a tired Grumpy Mommy) into a much happier girl. We are all anxious to see which colors we will find. Brother asked if he could only take orange carrots to school in his lunch. I told him he will get what I find that morning.
Pot numerous dos with little green sprouts
By the looks of things, both pots will probably need some thinning, however the 2+ inches of rain we got yesterday seems to have helped. Pooka's beloved cilantro does not have any real sprouts yet, but I told her not to worry, they have been in the dirt less then a week, and then they will go wild as soon as they emerge. Cilantro in our experiance (in the one time we have grown it) will suddenly just be there and from then, we better have alot of tacos.

A good end to a long day. 

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