Tuesday, August 14, 2012

One strawberry project ends, another begins

So I am sure you all remember when Brother asked me to let him have a strawberry plant. Well, when we got back from our Vacation, we decided the other start was ready and gave it a snip. Brother was so proud to have his own basket of strawberries.

He got to decide where they will sit on a shepherd hook until we (being adults and Brother) decide a bit higher location for them. This is due to the current location is a bit too close and low to where Momma Bunny tried establishing herself.
This whole project worked so well, it makes me wonder... does the strawberry start need to be connected to the mother plant to set or can I cut it off and start it (which would be alot easier to manage)? So like any good scientist, Pooka asked if we could try it. So we got out 2 pots (a small one for the neighbor) and a larger hanging one for us. Filled them with soil and laid out which ones would go in it. 

I know the little pot is pretty small. But the neighbor asked for a cutting, so I figured I would give it to her in something small then she could put it in whatever she wanted to. I didn't want to take a chance with her cutting, so she is getting it done the "traditional" way, or in science terms, that is our control group.

The experimental group, or "New way" is the one I cut off and stuck in some dirt in a hanging pot Pooka and I picked up (on clearance) for about $3.  I am not as concerned if this works or not. As Daddy put it "it's not like we are hurting for strawberry plants." So we will see how this goes. After just 2 days, it is looking pretty happy. It got a tad wilted yesterday, but I think it just needed watered since it perked up overnight. 

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