Friday, August 31, 2012


 I know how I have been out of touch the last few days. I just want to say "IT'S NOT MY FAULT". The DSL company broke something for half our neighborhood and refuse to admit it. As a result, we have had no internet for a few days. Last night Daddy got fed up and cancelled our service. Guess what this morning it was working (intermittently). However they said they will shut it off at some point today. At which point, we will be without it again until we get the new cable stuff squared away. All this basically means is sorry, we have been gone, I hope to have things back to normal by early next week.

In other news, I walked outside on Sunday to see this: One of Pooka's sunflowers had fallen over. It was still very much alive, no real damage to the stem. Pooka of course got very worried that something had hurt it. Best I can tell (in my novice opinion) that it just was too top heavy and fell over. Which was only made worse by the fact this was a "volunteer sunflower" that had decided to grow THROUGH the fence from the side yard to the back yard. As a result it didn't even have the house shielding it from winds (we had a decent storm on Sunday).

Sunflower down

I went into the garage, got my trusty plant tape and with help tied it back up and attached it to the fence. It seems to be doing okay even after the fall. If not, well I tried I guess. We tied up another one that was trying to fall over as well. All in all, he seems to be doing okay, and Pooka was very excited to see all her sunflowers standing upright again.

5 days later

This last picture was taken about 5 days after the flower initially fell (its the smaller one towards the corner of the fence). It seems to be pretty happy and has no real signs of distress. As it was, after I took this, I went out and grabbed a few of the drier heads to grab the seeds off of. The goldfinches had been to work on them and a Pooka decided she is rather fond of homemade sunflower seeds. Guess our daily harvests need to start including the sunflowers as well.

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