Thursday, August 2, 2012

The great Strawberry start project

I know I had promised a post, but as occasionally happens, life got in the way, sorry all. 

The other day, Brother and I went outside to check on his Strawberry plant. It seemed to have rooted pretty well, had alot of new growth and the tendril of the new plant seemed to be getting ready to root again as well. So we decided it was time to make the big cut.
Still attached. See the Tendril in the upper  left corner.

 Brother did the honors. I had him cut the tendril in half, and then I cut the tendril back from the new plant as well as the old one. Now to wait and see how the new ones hold up.  We are waiting a few more days to cut the tendril off that went from the opposite plant. It's still rather small so we will give it a bit more then brother will decide where his new basket will live.

Do you see where the tendril is missing?
Let's hope this works. The neighbour was asking for a cutting from our Strawberry plants. That's great news for me, they are outgrowing the pots they currently live in. I guess I may need to look into new pots for them since I REFUSE to put them in the ground. Although I told Daddy it means he would never have to mow they yard again.

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