Thursday, August 9, 2012

Confession time

As you all have noticed by now, things have been a bit slow the last week or so here on Pooka's Science Experiment Garden. There is a reason for that, we went on vacation for a week. I had hoped to have saved up enough information to do enough posts while we were 400 miles away that no one would notice, but I forgot how on vacation, you never seem to be at a computer as long as you want to.

Anyway, we returned home last night and the FIRST thing Pooka wanted to do was go straight to her garden. She ran out there even though it was raining (FINALLY) and we were all amazed at what had happened in a week.

The few things you won't see in the pictures are : How Audrey the morning glory was standing a good 2 feet taller then her trellis. I had to wind her back down and into it. Neither of us enjoyed that. The dill had all begun to flower, until I quickly pulled them all, and 1 very nice red tomato I saw in the bushes.

This is the container garden. The basil was flowering, the dill was flowering, the strawberries are red and their tendrils are escaping. The last little cilantro plant is at seed and needs pulled to dry, especially since it has fallen over and is laying in the snap dragons.

The pablanos are have fruit and flowers everywhere. Daddy was happy he would finally have peppers. I think part of the peppers taking off is that I read ta thing about using a TINY Bit of extremely diluted epsom salt to increase the magnesium levels in the soil, and it seems to be working. The Broccoli every plant started making florrets. So it looks like we will get Broccoli after all.
The pepper plants are flowering and fruiting. Although the 3 peppers I had hoped to try when we got home are gone. So we will keep an eye on that plant and see how they do. I am pretty sure the neighbor who was watering our garden for us took them with my blessing as part payment. I will have to wait a bit longer to see what they taste like or ask her I guess.
The cucumbers went wild. They are everywhere and I am sure to spend a bit of time training and straightening them out. While I am glad to say they didn't attach themselves to the chairs or the table on the deck, they are quite happy. Doing a quick walkthrough I saw at least 8 that are ready to be picked without moving any leaves. Who knows what else is under there. 
The tomato plants are looking good. We had alot of red cherries and regular tomatoes. Add to that my grandma told me this morning she has tomatoes for me to can, so I guess I have some work to do between the cucumbers and the tomatoes. Oh and the big tomato plants are over 7 ft tall since they are taller then Daddy. And they are escaping all their containment cage again. Here I had hoped 6 ft tall stakes would be enough

I will post a total harvest probably tommorrow. I know Pooka and I have a good days work to do out there today. The upside is there isn't too many weeds to deal with. I think the garden is established enough this year to hold them all off. 

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