Thursday, August 23, 2012

An odd visitor

This morning we were trying to get ready for school. Kids were packing up and Pooka saw a birdy on the deck. Now, I will be the first one to tell you, I have NEVER been good with birds, so we are going to call this one "Bird that is not good to eat" or just "Bird."

Well Bird was quite happy sitting on the deck amid Pooka's pots. But something about Bird made me pause.  Maybe it was the fact that as I opened the door, expecting him to fly away, he continued to sit there. However, our female cat (who hates anything that isn't inside), was interested. I opened the door for a moment and watched as she struggled with "I can get it.. but it is out there... But I can get it" Realizing that I am wasting time, I walked outside and stomped. Again noticing that Bird walked deeper into the pots.

Now I start to wonder (and I closed the screen door) if Bird is hurt and what I am going to do with a hurt bird when Kiddo is due at school in 15 minutes. Bird continues to go deeper into the pots and while I am staring at him, he attempts to take off, and proceeds in hitting the oregano pot he is hiding next to.

At this point I am kinda thinking I may just let it be, see if he is still here when I get home. But the dog needs out before we leave. I open the door, and she does exactly what I think she will, she walked straight at it and that is when Bird flew rather erratically up to the top of Audrey's trellis.
Bird continued to sit there staring at me and making this very pathetic little chirping noise while the dog went about her business. I collected the dog and had decided to leave Bird to his chances. I also made a mental note to check the back yard before I let the dog or Pooka outside upon our return. As I open the door to walk into the house Bird takes off... not majestically. In fact, he looked like he was hurt and missed landing on a bush in the neighbors yard. He fluttered and flapped and tried to not crash. Reminded me of Woodstock actually now that I think about it.

Whatever happened to Bird. He made it to the neighbors yard. And while we wish him luck, I am glad he isn't in my yard and I am glad he didn't trill "Doom"  (if you don't catch the reference, it is from a book called Sleeping Beauty by Mercedes Lackey. It is a wonderful book and is well worth the easy read).  Good Luck Bird and don't eat the Carrots.

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