Saturday, August 11, 2012

An Overdue Harvest

This is what we harvested after our vacation. It was suppose to be a weeks worth, but I know I told the neighbor helping to tend the garden to take whatever she wanted as part payment. This has helped us keep from finding rotting things on the vine. However I still haven't had any of our peppers, but we are waiting on the new ones to finish getting ready (well the ones the hail didn't remove from the plant).

As you can see, we had 3 good sized tomatoes, about 6 ripe strawberries (and 3 that were too far gone) a ton of cherries (aside from the 3 green ones an over excited Pooka accidently grabbed), and about 9 cucumbers. We actually had about 4 more cucumbers I found the following day while I was retying up the cucumbers from the hail. 

My grandmother had also been stockpiling tomatoes for us, and Friday sent us home with 2 big trays of them. We are thinking to turn them into salsa since chicken quesadilla are a staple food around here when we have leftover chicken. Daddy even made me my first batch of cucumber salad for the year. So that will taste good as a breakfast later this week.

So we weren't too overwhelmed, but we had quite a bit. Now to find things to do with them. 

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