Monday, September 3, 2012

Escape from the tomato plants

This year I have been so focused on containing Audrey, I didn't notice the tomato plants were starting to escape. To the point where one set of stairs onto our deck is almost unpassable. Little did I notice the dog refuses to walk that way, and really, now having seen it, I refuse to as well. I kinda wonder if it would try to eat a Pooka if she stopped long enough.
Not to mention they were starting to strangle out the herbs and the container garden. I spent a good chunk of last weekend re-arranging the deck so that the herbs and things would still get some sunlight.
Friday night before we had some big rains coming in from the remnants of Issac, the family ran to the store and bought 8 ft poles to contain the tomato plants. We have a ton of green tomatoes. They were not producing real well, but I sprayed them with my pepper epsom salt spray and now I have green tomatoes everywhere. Here are pictures taken this morning, after almost 6" of rain in 2 days. Notice how the stairs are covered with tomato plants. They are better contained, but we decided if they reach the top of the 8ft poles, we are going to just let them do their own thing.
Looking from the side, you can see why I had to buy a couple of flashlights. There is not much light inside the plants, so the flashlights are to help us spot red tomatoes. Daddy and I have started to wonder about what will that area look like after the frost and we remove the tomatoes considering how many different sizes and containment cages we have built. I will make sure to post pictures once that happens. 

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