Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Pooka Plan and Thoughts of Begging

Today I caught Pooka drawing on a white board we put on the fridge. Now originally we had this grand idea about using it for something useful, grocery lists, ect. However, it all depended on who was going to the store and if they remembered to check it. The white board was given to Pooka for another creative outlet not too long after.
The Pooka Plan
Back to today and Pooka had drawn another masterpiece on it. I admired her work as I walked by. She said "Mom, I didn't make a picture, I am planning the garden for next year."

This makes me stop in my tracks because part of me, the I hate gardening part of me/I am tired from this summer wanted to beg her to let me have a short break before we plan more. I turned and said "Well aren't you thinking ahead."

Pooka: "Yep, And this is the outside of the bed, and this is where the oregano will go, and here's where we are going to plant tomatoes, and the basil will go over here next to the rosemary and  the cucumbers...." She continued for quite a while all the while I was interested, but a small part of me wanted to shudder and say "I need to kill this garden off first dear."

Per the Pooka plan, we are going to enlarge the garden quite a bit into a semi-circle. and it will be the size of the yard. It is okay because the dog will be confined to the small section of the yard not in a semi-circle and her and Brother will play in the front yard. Apparently we are even moving their swing set out front.

HELP ME, I created a monster... A cute, but very smart, very energetic and very thorough Monster.

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