Monday, September 17, 2012

Hi Garden

It occurred to me this morning that I may want pictures of what the garden currently looks like. I have been trying to get pictures of it regularly, but it will be fun to see later how big things have gotten. Especially since there are mornings I am afraid the growing season will be cut short. I took a quick peak at the forecast, and while it seems to be okay for awhile (the lowest its getting being 38 before jumping 20 degrees), part of me is waiting for it to frost suddenly.

So without further ado... lets see how things are doing.

 The poblanos and broccolli are doing well. The broccolli we just harvested for stir fry last night. We are not getting "Big" heads but we are getting some, and we have some decent sized ones. For a complete "Gee, wonder if this will work" apparently it does. The poblanos are still rather small, but the plants are covered in them. So we will have more poppers again soon.
 The rest of the pepper plants are doing quite well. While the green pepper plants are smaller, they are producing rather nicely. They had stopped briefly, but another spray of that Pepper booster, and they went nuts again. Going to HAVE TO remember that for next year. As for the sweet peppers, they seem to stay green, but a lighter green and have a nice kick at the end. The yellow pepper plant we bought finally has it's first fruit on it. I am sticking to seeds next year. Oh, and that 2nd pepper plant from the railing is as tall as I am.  You can also see the cucumber plants winding their way around the deck and starting to head back.

The Cucumbers and the tomatoes. Yep, the tomatoes are over 8 feet, and the cucumbers have climbed 6ft poles, then gone over string to the deck as well as using the railings quite a bit. We can pull about 8 cucumbers every few days. I am rather shocked how all this is growing. We did try using the pepper booster on the tomatoes, adn it seems to have helped them fruit. We have a ton of green regular tomatoes. Now to hope to see them get red so I can do something with them.

The container garden is going quite well. We have one lavender plant that never seemed to flower, but the other made up for it. The radishes and carrots are doing quite well (I am planning on thinning them later this week and using the greens for salad).  The lettuce kinda bolted and I need to pull it, but right now its flowering and Pooka seems to enjoy it. Her morning glory is looking kinda crazy again, I need to deal with it. We are getting plenty of herbs that we are drying at least once a week.

This is Brother's strawberry plant. I am not entirely sure what happened to it. I noticed this morning it looked kinda sad, but looked really nice the other morning. I did notice it was rather dry, so I did water it (which was weird since we had enough fog and dew this morning everything is soaked). I hope it just needs watered, or is it warning me that the weather is shifting. Who knows. We will have to wait and see.  Time to start being grateful for what growing season we have left.

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