Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pretty picture and pretty big.

Today I went outside without a clear picture of what needed done (besides all of it) and what I wanted to talk about. And since I didn't feel like tempting fate again, I decided to let Pooka really choose what to talk about. She saw her dill plant in flower and told me to take a picture of it.

Dill in flower

All summer we had been pulling off the dill flowers. Pooka asked if they were so pretty why we had to pull them off. I told her it would keep the plant healthy longer. We talked a bit more about it and it led to a discussion of the life cycle.  Pooka's explanation is this: "They drop their seeds, have a little sprout that grows, and it makes more seeds and it does it over and over again. It's called a life cycle."  While she is close, we are going to have to work on a few concepts but not bad for being 4. 

Here is a picture Pooka asked I post. She was trying to take a picture of her strawberry plant from inside.  It may be a bit off but it matches the rest of us around here.  In her defense, I think she saw something shiny after she hit the button. 
And a Pooka sees something shiny. 

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