Sunday, September 30, 2012

Into Their Sleeping bags.

About a week ago we found some Caterpillars in our dill plant. We awoke on Friday to find that our new friends were getting ready to take a long nap (or hibernation as Pooka told me). One had already gotten himself starting to be comfortable, the other was just starting. Sadly the first pictures we took didn't turn out as well due to the shape of the jar.
Getting ready for bed
By Saturday evening, both were quite comfortable and the one cocoon was already hardened to protect our little friend. (We also cleaned out the jar once they were pretty settled so it wouldn't be nasty all winter). You can see in the picture below the little threads that they used to tie themselves into bed so they don't fall.
Goodnight, have a good winter's nap. 
Pooka is very happy and very sad at the same time. She is excited to see them when they come out, but is sad that she didn't get to watch them longer. Now to wait till spring for them to emerge and hopefully we can watch that too. Until then, into the garage with them so they stay cold but not frozen until then.

Pooka asked to make her writing debut today. I admit to helping her with the spelling, but she typed it and decided what to say.

Pooka says:     
The harder outside shell        protects      caterpillars because                     it keeps                                       them  safe and    helps them   turn into                                 butterflies.  I love  my caterpillars.

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