Monday, October 1, 2012

Cleaning up

This weekend I finally did something we have been meaning to do for awhile. I finally pulled the bolted lettuce. You see, we planted lettuce and well no one really liked the very strong flavors of the spring mix I bought. So it grew, and grew and grew and eventually bolted to flower. Finally this weekend I cleaned it out.

I admit in the sea of the tomatoes, its hard to see how badly neglected the poor lettuce is. Once I moved them to the garage to be cleaned out, I realized how sad they really were. Now granted, I picked up a part of broccoli leaf on the way around the house, but the rest look sad. Even the little plastic water bottles we used to water the plants during the horrible horrible heat (I swear I made a post on it, but I can't seem to find it now. Such is life I suppose) now looks more like litter.

Very Sad looking Lettuce 
The greens mostly went into our bucket of yard waste that goes to the city. Now, yes, we should compost it, but that is a step Daddy and I are not sure we are ready to dig into. However, we did save some of the roots and greens.

Maybe one day we will compost, but not today
The dirt that was in the boxes (and the bits of greens we kept) we tilled into a flower bed in the front yard. A very empty flower bed. A flower bed that we pulled the bushes out of awhile ago. Now we tilled in the new soil and finally have a plan for that space. What is the plan? you ask. Check back later this week and I will tell you.
What will this become? 

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