Sunday, October 14, 2012

One last look

This week the frost/freeze hit pretty hard. I am glad I got outside Monday to take pictures of things before they started looking too bad. Since Monday, the cucumbers are very dead, the tomatoes are about half gone, but the peppers and broccoli are still doing okay. 

Stargazer and lilacs
The lilac's and the stargazer are doing well. They have been sheltered against the house most of the summer, so they are not in too direct of light. I am so glad the lilac's are still alive and doing well. I am planning on bringing them in once they drop their leaves since everyone I have talked to said that they may not do well in the pots especially if we get as cold a winter as predicted.
Dill and zombie parsley

The big dill plant is still flowering. It seems to have fallen a bit in the pot, and I am planning on adding a bit more dirt to stabilize it. I can probably pull the empty bottle out as well. The baby dill is doing well and has been pulled in the house already. It seems to be doing okay on the counter. The parsley came back to life in the garage, so it is in the sink right now since we watered it yesterday.

The containers are doing well. The basil was all picked and dried last weekend. Although the Sweet Basil plant had new growth on it yesterday. It has been in a garage with no sun for a week. I still can't figure that out. The strawberries came back, but they need moved inside for winter, and most of the herbs still out here I am trying to decide if I want to bring in or see if they make it (Oregano, thyme, ect). The rosemary and lavender should be okay.
Poblano's and Broccoli
 The broccoli is still producing. It should produce well into the fall/early winter. The poblano's are doing well. They still produce, so I walk outside and check for good sized ones. All the peppers from the big harvest have been diced and frozen and put in ziplocks in the freezer to use all winter. I guess I should explain how we do that (But that's another post).

Sweet Peppers and Green Peppers
 The sweet peppers and green peppers are still doing well. All the fruit from them has also been frozen and put away. I keep finding peppers on both plants, so we are going to leave the peppers until they start to look really sad. We never did get anything out of the store bought yellow pepper plant.  I am not buying the plants ever again. That GIANT sweet pepper plant (second closest to the stairs) is my best producer. I am going to miss that plant.

Cucumbers and Tomatoes
 The cucumbers are dying here. Today they are very dead. I really need to pull them, but we are trying to finish the front yard a bit so we can lay some of the dead plants down as compost for the winter. The green bean plant is in there behind the sign. It didn't do much again this year, and I am seriously thinking about not doing those again. However, this year I know it got choked out by the tomatoes and cucumber. I may leave it up to Pooka next year.
The tomatoes look really bad. Remember the big harvest, it got to a point where we just started hacking and breaking the plants. They still look rather big here, but you can see the torn down bits of them and that they look rather sad. They look worse today, but again, until we are ready to lay them all down, I haven't pulled them yet.

That is what the plants looked like as of Monday the 8th. Overall I think we got our money back from them and probably made a profit. Maybe next year I will weigh what comes in for giggles.  I am planning on trying to get some pictures of the structures holding up the plants as we get things pulled out. Over the winter, I am hoping to updating the blog with our indoor gardening efforts as well as other odds and ends as it pertains to Pooka and her gardening love, and before I know it, I will have to start/get seedlings ready to go in next spring. I have a feeling this may be around for awhile. Especially after yesterday when she wrote a song about it.

"I love gardening, yes I do.
I love gardening yes I do.
I am going to garden forever,
because it makes me happy." - Copyright to a Pooka who was sitting in the car.

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