Sunday, October 21, 2012

All those Green tomatoes

I have shown the picture of Pooka's last big harvest to people. And the first thing they ask is "Whatever are you doing with all those green tomatoes?" I have people ask if we are doing fried green tomatoes, or chutney or what. Well, to be honest, we have never had ANY of those things.

The harvest
Apples and Tomatoes
Instead we are following Aunt Pooka's advice and we put them in brown paper bags with apples, which should force them to ripen. We bought Green Apples since that is what we tend to eat more of. However, when you look in the bag, sometimes it is hard to tell which is a tomato and which is an apple. When all the apples are ripe, we are thinking of making Apple Pie Jam out of them.

Bags of Tomatoes
They were ripening slowly out in the garage. We were not sure why it was taking so long. However, Daddy and I came to realize they may be because it was cold out there. We have now brought them into the house and are sitting on the counter. They are taking up alot of counter space, but if they ripen quicker, it will be worth it.

We have seen a huge difference. They are ripening faster. The ones that get mostly orange we pull out of the bags to ripen on the counter, letting the Ethylene (the gas the apples emit) go to the less ripe tomatoes.
Tomatoes ripened from the bags
 All these tomatoes have already ripened using this method. We are planning to make more canned crushed tomatoes today using the crock pot (another experiment).

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