Monday, May 20, 2013

Mommy's gifts from a Pooka

Now that life has given us time to actually celebrate Mother's day, I can show you all what Pooka has been working on for a few months.

In Febuary when we started all of our seeds, Pooka asked if she could grow some Tomatoes for Nainai and her other Grandma. I said sure if we kept it a surprise and gave it to them on Mother's day. Pooka loves the idea of giving people things, so this was a great surprise. So when we started our seeds, I threw a few extra tomato seeds in for the Grandmother's.

Our seeds plus Tomatoes for Grandmas
At the end of Febuary, Pooka and I found some nice hanging pots on Clearance for about $2 each, maybe a bit more. About mid March we filled them with dirt since Pooka wanted to give them flowers as well.
Pots for all 3 grandmothers
Pooka then went through and sprinkled purple morning glory seeds in each one. She was very careful and we picked out these they said they would be perfect for hanging baskets. Call it the weird weather, but the initial seedlings grew then died off, so we replanted with the same seeds and a few cosmos or something that were originally bought for Pooka's teachers, but we knew we wouldn't have time to get them grown before giving them to the teachers. (I don't remember and I don't have a picture sadly).

Seeds and more seeds.
By Mother's day, the first basket had been given away, since we don't see that grandmother as much and she got hers in April. However, the other 2 Grandmothers had these to look forward too. The tomatoes were a bit thin looking, but they should do well once transplanted. and the pots both had plenty of seedlings that had been grown outdoors and everything was well hardened off. Next year if we do this, I may try to start the flower seeds earlier, but all the grandma's got gifts straight from Pooka's garden and Pooka got to say with pride that she grew them just for her.
Happy Mother's day.