Sunday, May 5, 2013

Potatoes, Peas and onions oh my

I just thought I would give an update of some of the things going on around here.

The blue potatoes are doing really well. I am actually thinking about hilling the first bag already and am waiting just a bit on the second bag because it still has one smaller plant. Brother is so excited that his potatoes are doing well. Daddy even admitted that if this works, we may build a bigger bag/tower to put potatoes in next year.

The smaller of the potatoes
The peas are growing great. They are still rather small, and some are just now sprouting, but with all this rain, I am expecting a bit of an explosion on peas. I did get a stick in the ground yesterday between storms for them to start climing. Then I will tie it to the trellis on the deck so they can grow up it. We also got the ground around them mulched yesterday, so we are getting somewhere finally.

Peas before I gave them a stick
The onions were mulched as well. It looks like something tried to eat one or 2 of them and decided they didn't taste very good. The bit they bit off was laying next to the onion. It also looked a bit like they had been walked on, but the new mulch should help that as well.

Onions freshly mulched
I do have a set of tomatoes that I am trying to harden off correctly. That plus the 3 pans of seedlings I have been carting in and out of the house daily onto the front porch which is a bit more sheltered. So far they seem to be handling it quite well. I sadly still have tomatoes that are in dire need of transplanting. At least the garage is clean now so Pooka and I have a place to do it. Brother's homework assignment exploded out there for a few weeks.

Hardening off tomatoes
At school on Tuesday, Pooka made a raingauge at the local Kids Discovery Museum. She put pebbles at the bottom so it wouldn't fly away into the neighbors yard. Pooka really likes having her own rain gauge. She says "it's really fun, all you have to do is take a bottle, cut the top off, and then put measurments on it and put pebbles in it and scotch or duct tape the top on upside down. And it doesn't matter what kind of tape you use, just really strong tape. It is kinda hard to get the water out without getting the pebbles out." We got our own rain gauge the day before and hers is fairly accurate.

Rain Gauge by Pooka
 Now to hope for good weather so we can get some work done.

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